Meet the eMoyeni Digital Masterclass Peers: #WinterABC

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Hey lovelies, it’s day 4 of the #WinterABC and the closing of the creatives themed week. I couldn’t let this week slide without blubbering about the eMoyeni Digital Masterclass, which I am also a part of *screams, with celebrities and all *haaa (you heard me!). I beamed with a glowing smile when I saw our own Uncle of Bloggers, Beaton, featured as an interviewee with one of the eMoyeni peers last week during a joint CulxureMagazine x eMoyeniDig Twitterview. All my mind kept reiterating is ‘a whole me, your kind relative, a part of all this!’ Honestly, I can only but count my blessings. It is not every day that you get to meet the most impressive of creatives, so I will rather bask in the glow as long as it last. You can catch Beaton’s cut of the eMoyeni x CulxureMag Twitterview here!

EMoyeni Digital Storytelling Masterclass is a project which looks at enhancing creative skills through the transference of viable knowledge from well-established creatives who have learnt a thing or two, and have found a footing within the creatives’ industry. The peers are exposed to a knowledge base which will allow them to not only tell authentic stories, but gain courage to collaborate and monetize their platforms. The project is a collaboration between the British Council Zimbabwe , Paper Bag Africa , and also supported by Amakhosikazi Media and Ceca Lifestyle. Learn more about the eMoyeni project here!

Now, ladies and gentleman, allow me to roll this blunt from my usual base (I should have a name for this high window soon), and as I puff this smoke into the air, may you be as high as I feel right now. I think it’s pretty obvious why you should be in the same wavelength as me. Everybody knows that a perfect mood is all that’s needed to take in the beauty of the creatives’ craft. Here it goes!

Kingsley Kaisi
We have somehow been presented with the bitter sweet relationship of a first born and a last born child, and almost always, the mother will be in between. I have known Kingsley through his short, relevant, humorous and thrilling skits which if you’re not careful will leave you tending to your ribs. He doesn’t regard himself as a comedian, although he acknowledges the humor within his content. He is an actor, photographer and content creator based in Harare. Check him out from facebook, Instagram , and Youtube.

Amanda Tayte Marufu
Feminist, journalist, producer, digital marketer, blogger, and author Amanda Marufu is the type to blow your mind away. I mean, aren’t you blown already? She has produced and developed content for entities such as The Feed, Enthuse Mag, Digital Spaces Labs, and NK Digital. She also boasts of being a part of Creative Natives Africa which works for brands such as First Mutual, Lit Fest and many more. Amongst her many achievements is her nomination for the 2020 Zim Blog Awards, a win for the (2020) Entrepreneurship National Award, as well as a nomination for Global Business Award (2021) amongst others. Her book, a haunting memoir, titled “At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me”, tackles the oppression of women and the horrors of physical and sexual abuse, but I can only say this much-make sure you grab yourself a copy. Get her book from Amazon, Wallmart, E-Book. You can check her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Podcast.

Dumie Manyathela
A visual storyteller with a consistent and qualitative experience in film making for high end productions such as TV shows, TV series, short films and documentaries, Dumie Manyathela is one for the high five (I just made that His passion of the creatives filed is accompanied with a first class degree in BSc in Creative Art and Design obtained in 2018 from the Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) where he specialized in film and video production. His work has received recognition as we see him receiving a Best Editor Award in 2015. He further went on to win Best Director and Best Film for a short story film titled Londisizwe which he did for his specialization project in 2017 at the Chinhoyi Film Festival. He is currently involved in the production of a TV series titled Soulmate as a director of cinematography and a short film titled Veza as a director, cinematographer, producer and editor. You can check out the official trailer for Soulmate here. You can also follow him on Instagram.

Courtesy of Dumie

Amanda Lindelwa Dube
Born and raised in Bulawayo, Amanda is a self-taught make-up artist, wardrobe stylist, an Academy of Women Entrepreneurs alumni, a flight attendant by profession and a digital lifestyle content creator. You can check her on Instagram , on Twitter and on Facebook.

Courtesy of Amanda

Bill Masuku
Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Bill Masuku is an African comic book artist and writer. He is the creator of comic books Razor-Man, Welcome to Dead World, and Captain South Africa. In the urban fantasy genre, he is the author of the Misfortunism series. His artwork has appeared in galleries around Southern Africa and he has been a guest speaker at events such as MCM London Comic Con, FanCon Cape Town, Comic Con Africa, and Harare Literature Festival. Guys, what did I tell you about rubbing shoulders with celebrities *smirks. Anyway, you can check out his work here . Follow him also on Instagram and Twitter.

Courtesy of Bill

Rumbidzai Chantelle
Affectionately known as Skittles, Rumbidzai Chantelle is a podcaster who is part of the team that brings you to the show Nhai Onai and the other Guys (NOOG). She believes in the phrase “Your story matters” as she sees it as a way for people to connect with each other. This also aligns with her passion for better mental health awareness and access in communities. You can connect with her on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and on her podcast.

Courtesy of Chantelle

Brian Ncube
Founder of Ekasi Magazine (, Brian is also the head writer of the magazine using the nom de plume Mpangazitha. He is also an actor with a role in a NAMA award winning ZBC production called Mandla where he played as a private investigator in the drama series. He is also the winner of Intwasa Arts Festival 2019 short story competition with his entry Candle Light which has since been published under an anthology of short stories by the Intwasa Arts Festival. He is also set to publish his debut novel called The Southern Prince. When he is not writing, he likes to mentor young and upcoming artists. Amongst his interests, he also likes to do charity work or simple travelling with Matabeleland Scouts Association where he is a Scout leader and Communication leader. You can follow him on Facebook , and Twitter.

Courtesy of Brian

Novuyo Ncube
Now based in South Africa, Novuyo Ncube is a Zimbabwean singer, model and YouTuber. You can connect with her on Youtube , and Instagram.

Courtesy of Novuyo

Willmore Dube
Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Willmore is a YouTuber, blogger, a graphic designer and a part time DJ. He is also into events management. You can link with him here (and maybe, just maybe, he can host your party!). Check him out on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Courtesy of Willmore

Chioniso Tsikisayi
Voice refreshing, Chioniso is the type to have you hold your breath just by the way she performs her art. She is a spoken word poet, filmmaker, blogger and singer based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Her first debut EP was released on the 6th of November 2020, and is titled Heaven Is Closer than You Know. It was released under the ZimHipHop award winning media hub, Cottage47. She recently premiered her visual poem Black Photosynthesis under the supervision of the eMoyeni coordination. The craft is a symbolism of her tenacity in poetry writing. It does not only soothe the soul, it speaks to it, and it leaves with it the after thoughts as would an artistic expression delved in awakening the lost. You can check it here. You can also follow her work here.

Courtesy of Chioniso

Nokuthaba Sayi
Pursuing Journalism and Media Studies, Nokuthaba is a passionate creative. I find I have a lot in common with her (you will see why). She is a podcaster and does a lot of hand work too like sewing, and hairdressing. Her podcast, The View From Here is known for handling socially controversial topics. You can also connect with her on Instagram.

Çourtesy of Nokuthaba

Hailing from the City of Kings and Queens, Tino is a podcaster, stylist and designer. You can check out his podcast here. You can also get to follow him on Twitter . Learn more about his styling and design gigs here.

Zimbabwean rapper, Asaph styled by Tino. PhotoCred: Tinashe Charleson

Rutendo Sharmaine Mahofa
If you’re looking for a great entertainer, then I’m ready to point all my ten fingers at creative entrepreneur Rutendo Mahofa. She is a passionate content producer and director. Though new to the film industry, she has magically managed to plug into spaces that are adding to her 10 000 hours! Apart from her independent YouTube show The Reel, she has worked on several long and short for series, plus a few movies that have and are featured on DSTV Zambezi and Honey Channels. She has worked on premiere reality shows like eHe! It’s a Match, Hoot Cook Go Zambia, Yes! Ndio Beeni Zambia and Mom vs Wife To Note. Apart from other celebrations, she is a Multichoice Talent Factory Alumni who was a part of two feature films Savannah Skies and The Painting taking on roles as first assistant director and art director respectively. You can check her on Instagram and Facebook.

Courtesy of Rutendo

Rumbidzai Gotora
Rumbi is an entrepreneurial/business blogger (we all need some help unpacking the business world, right?). She is also a self-motivated chef who will soon, for the very first time will be presenting her 1 minute YouTube cake video (not my glands already salivating for this. One’s gotta stay tuned for sure!). You can follow her blog here.

Courtesy of Rumbidzai

Known by the name ZARAE in digital spaces, and performance stages, Rachael is a singer and a guitarist. She started as a spoken word writer and now enjoys song writing. Her lover for writing saw her using the gift of words to write about life, society and culture on a platform called Medium. There, she explores different topics that are buzzing around her community and just around her mind. She is growing and expanding in digital storytelling, thanks to the eMoyeni Digital Storytelling platform. She is a Public Relations professional who loves to connect people using information and media and is currently work for CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe as a storyteller. You can check her blog here. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Courtesy of ZARAE

Usher Nyambi
A creative by God’s design, Usher Nyambi is passionate about writting and filmaking. He is the editor and curator for Samora Central blog a platform which celebrates the Zimbabwean creative renaissance. His filmaking projects act as a mirror to society often potraying narratives of the challenges black males face in Zimbabwe from mental health, spirituality and freedom of expression. You can check his work on Instagram . Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Courtesy of Nyasha

The experience has truly been one amazing and wholesome one. I also got the opportunity to interview an artist via the CulxureMagazine twitter platform and it was nothing short of a thrilling experience. To be behind the tabs for one of the digitally thriving magazines in Bulawayo, as someone coming from Gwanda was truly humbling. I remember getting a text from one of my contacts saying ‘oh, I see usudlala lamaceleb’ (oh, I see you’re playing with celebs now) and boy did I blush! I hope you will enjoy catching up with some hella talented creatives!

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